Theory of Change (ToC) is an outcomes-based approach which describes how a programme brings about specific outcomes through a logical sequence of intermediate outcomes. The Theory of Change process is a way to systematically set out the steps that will lead to achieving the aims of the STRiDE project. The process starts by identifying where we are at currently, where we want to be and how to get there.


The ToC map describes what success looks like, sets out the rationale and assumptions made explicitly, allows testable hypotheses to be developed, provides indicators of success and sets out a series of activities that need to be implemented to achieve success.


We will be producing:

  1. A STRiDE programme ToC map incorporating all other work packages and work plans to inform a monitoring and evaluation plan for the project

  2. Country level ToC maps in each of the seven STRiDE countries to inform our research, tools, training requirements, contextual barriers and facilitating factors for impact, and indicators to measure success at the country level.


The ToC maps will be developed in workshops bringing together key stakeholders at an international level and a national workshop in each of the seven countries.

Co-development of research and training agenda

Erica Breuer
Margie Schneider