Anji Mehta

In time it is hoped that the outcomes of the STRiDE project will support people with dementia and their carers to live well by informing policy developments. The full impact is likely to be beyond the timeframe of the current project. The aim of this work package is to support the STRiDE project to be in a position to realise this potential impact as far as possible through strategically developed internal and external communications, engagement and impact approaches and activities.


Individual STRiDE country teams and WP leads will be supported to develop knowledge exchange, impact and engagement (KEIE) plans, developed through stakeholder mapping and a pathways to impact exercise, and using their Theory of Change maps. STRiDE country teams will be supported to implement their KEIE plans, monitor and review progress on a regular basis, and assess their impact. Training will be provided where needed.


The overarching KEIE plan will include management of a project website and social media channels, development of identity guidelines, project materials and templates, and a minimum set of agreed external communication approaches. This KEIE plan will also cover communications channels within the STRiDE team. An overarching STRiDE impact assessment process – including impact log – will be used to support STRiDE colleagues to review and assess their ongoing impact.

Knowledge exchange, impact and engagement