Adelina Comas-Herrera

We will co-develop a set of research-based tools to inform national dementia policy: a situational analysis of the system of dementia care, a study of the costs of dementia to society, and simulation models to project future dementia care needs, services required to meet those needs and associated costs. This will include, in each STRiDE country:

  1. Mapping and analysing the current situation of dementia care through an in-depth situational analysis;

  2. Estimating the cost of dementia to society;

  3. Building simulation models to estimate the resources needed to meet the needs of people with dementia and their carers by 2030;

  4. Identifying the financing mechanisms that can be used to meet the costs of providing the dementia treatment and services needed by 2030;

  5. Estimating the numbers of people that will need to be trained to provide those services;

  6. Analysing whether the current health and long-term care system can deliver those treatment or services as it is or whether reforms are needed. 

The outputs from this work will feed into recommendations to be developed within the project. 

Research tools to inform and support dementia policy