​Wendy Weidner

National dementia plans are developed using a system tailored to local culture and demographics. Government dementia plans can promote infrastructure and accountability necessary to build dementia-capable programmes for the growing number of people with the condition.


We will produce recommendations to support implementation of national dementia plans, based on results from the project. We will produce an overarching publication that ties together global learning based on the key findings from the project, with draft stand-alone chapters articulating policy recommendations for each country.  These will be translated into a relevant national language where appropriate. 


We will focus particularly on financing implications, reforms required to achieve stated objectives, and performance indicators to evaluate success in implementation.


We will organise workshops in each of the countries to discuss the findings of the project and draft recommendations with local stakeholders, and revise the draft recommendations will then be revised to address feedback received. Following on from stakeholder workshops, the World Health Organization will lead on organising high-level stakeholder engagement meetings in each of the seven countries. 

Recommendations to support the implementation of national dementia plans