STRIDE Management Team

We aim to establish and maintain efficient and well managed management and governance processes to support the STRiDE programme, ensuring that the strengths of all partners are maximised to produce high quality research as part of the project and in the future. We will use the STRiDE programme Theory of Change (ToC) map developed in WP1 to develop a LogFrame which will form the basis of the monitoring and evaluation of the project and reporting to the funder.


The project is managed from LSE supported by:


  • SMT – STRiDE Management Team comprised Martin Knapp (LSE), Adelina Comas-Herrera (LSE), Emily Freeman (LSE), Anji Mehta (LSE), Margie Schneider (Cape Town) and Wendy Weidner (ADI); responsible for day-to-day management organisation functions

  • EG – Executive Group comprised of work package leads and country representatives; responsible for planning all aspects of the project, including developing project-specific policies on ethics and data protection and ensuring their implementation, and for risk-management

  • IAG - International Advisory Group comprised of key stakeholders, responsible for offering expert advice to the STRiDE project and reviewing the overall project strategy, research plans, outputs and risk management

  • NAG – National Advisory Groups comprised of key stakeholders in each of the seven STRiDE countries, and will include representatives from the relevant Ministry of Health, the country WHO representative, academics, third sector organisations and people with dementia and carers, responsible for providing expert advice to the STRiDE project team in their specific country, focusing on research activities and project strategy relevant to their country context


Designated leads are responsible for their work packages.